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Gay Lessons 101

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Gay Lessons

In some ways, the classes at Gay Lessons are a lot like what u can identify at any other trainer. There’s a teacher and there is the students. It just happens that this teacher is a older homo lad that can’t live out of to share his expertise with younger twinks that are insane to learn. His lessons are very hands on and if needed, he’ll jump right in to make sure anything gets done correctly.

Observe these pix from today’s lesson. The 1st part of this lesson is focused blowjobs. This chab begins the boys off by having them engulf his boner. It’s the majority worthy way to see how they’re doing so far. That dude even helps them out a little by showing off some of his own ding-dong mouthing skills. The second part of today’s lesson is booty banging. First, the teacher flaunts how to penetrate a taut booty the proper way. Then that ladies man watches his students try it out on each other!

Begin your education at Gay Lessons today! It’s at no time to late to initiate learning.

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Naughty Gay Comic

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Gay Cartoon

Well, after posting a str8 toon the other day, I got some requests for a homo cartoon. Identify out this comic from Gay Toon. We have got some very hot, some very steamy gay 3-D act. I hope you love it, I know I did.

It had been a lengthy time, since these 3 buddies had watched every other. RAUL and ROBERT had fooled around previous to, and as soon as they got back to the privacy of the apartment. ROGER was str8, but that smooth operator could not resist joining the action. Whilst this man was watching JUSTIN give a blowjob, that charmer felt his erection growing inside of his trousers. Pretty soon, this lady-killer wanted his strapon inside of Brett’s warm throat. He’s not at all received a oral stimulation from a Lothario previous to and this charmer could not make almost certainly of how nice it felt. He’s likewise at not time nailed one bigger in size amount guy, but pretty soon this chab had his shag tool buried into Brett’s constricted butt.

Ready for more nice-looking homosexual act? U won’t believe what you can see at Gay Toon. Take the free travel at Homo Toon today and watch everything that this great web resource has to offer!

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Straight Fellow Giving A Oral pleasure

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Straight Ladies man Giving A Oral-job To One more Guy

Dave is a happily married 40 year mature. He’s straight, but this chap always had has one deep, chocolate fantasy. He’s always imagined what it would be like to give a blow job to some other lady-killer. He’s even had thoughts about what it would be like to have sex with some other lad. Tonight, that guy can not control his longing anymore. This man met Matt online a few days ago and now this chab is going over to Matt’s apartment.

As you can see, things got very wild. Investigate these fotos of the homo act. Things progress rather quickly once Dave arrives at the apartment. In a short time, the males make their way back to the bedroom. Dave can not believe what this buck is going to do next, but that buck has his throat open wide and takes the ramrod inside his face hole. For it being his first time giving head, he looks like this lady-killer knows what this chap is doing. He very successfully gets his fresh friend to cum!

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Cute twink jerks off

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Cute twink jerks off

Cute little DERRICK with his sexy soul patch is just a little bit amorous and no skirt chaser meat to feast on. What's a barely legal ladies man to do? Wank that's what! And this hot little fucker uses a slender vibrator on his taut little butt as that ladies man does it also. If you enjoy watching guys pulling their puds and cumming on their bellies then this movie is intend to make you cum quick!

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Gay Fellow Double Teamed By His Friends

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Guy Acquires DP'ed

The local homo bar was marvelous tame tonight, so these three allies went home jointly, looking to start something interesting. All three of ’em were very horny and it was not long before they could not hold back anymore. Hands started fondelling every other, even throughout their trousers u could see the erections growing. Take a view those photos and see just how wild this intimate party got!

It wasn’t long in advance of JAMES, the gorgeous boyfrend with the bald head was in the centre of things. This fellow is a filthy bitch and could not resist mouthing on his allies schlongs. That man didn’t just give one of them a oral sex, but this man gave them both blowjobs at the same time, going back and forth and making sure no one got jealous ‘coz the other got bigger amount attention. KYLE wanted his booty pumped and pretty soon, he was laying down on the daybed. This charmer had one boner deep inside of his taut gazoo, during the time that the other dick kept his mouth full! But my favorite part was at the end with DONALD took a load of gorgeous man juice in his arse. We acquire to watch it smooth out!

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Glamorous White Males Be Warned

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Sexy White Bucks Be Warned

This cute twink thought he was just plan to receive a ride, this lady-killer had no idea that he was getting into the Avid Homo Bus. At first, they bus was going in the right direction, but pretty soon he realized that they had turned and were going in the incorrect direction. This twink wasn’t worried, this Lothario was in fact turned on looking at the two fellas in the front of the van.

Check those pix and watch what happened next. In advance of they even detected a place to park, this cute white woman chaser had one 10-Pounder in his face hole. As soon as DONALD had found a secluded spot and parked the van, that charmer joined in. the white boy-friend claimed he had not at all done everything like this previous to, but by the way he worked both of the copulate tools, u could tell that this wasn’t his first time engulfing rod, probably not even the first time he gave blowjobs to 2 males at one time.

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Gay Wedding Night Action

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Boys Wedding

The wedding is over for those bucks, they’re lastly married and now the real pleasure is getting started. Check out these fotos from the private reception and honeymoon. It started nearly as soon as the wedding was over. A scarcely any of the boyz got together and wearing no thing but robes had a tiny in number drinks out on the secluded porch. It wasn’t long in advance of they were all screw starved and beginning to get nasty. Before u know it, all of the lads were giving or getting handjobs.

That alone was wild, but the party wasn’t over yet. Soon, the dudes were in their hotel rooms with their recent significant others. There were blowjobs and jock mouthing everywhere. What bigger in size amount magnificant way to brandish your love then with ablowjob. Those boys actually know how give orall-service and it’s not long in advance of there’s sex cream everywhere. That is how those boys adore it!

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Fuck starved Twinks That Cant Sleep

Friday, June 13th, 2008


There is definitely something to be told for a couple of fuck starved twinks like the two in this photo gallery from Chaps Collection. Both of those cute boyz have tender, barely defined, nearly hairless bodies. They’re getting my tongue all fastened and twisted, and I haven’t even started to tell u about what goes on in this hardcore twink scene.

One of the guys, a twink named EUGENE can’t sleep so that man makes a decision to go check in on his flat mate. Matt is asleep, but this smooth operator doesn’t seem to mind when that guy receives woken up and see PAUL there. The boyz go from making out, giving blowjobs when Matt sees the erection growing in Brandon’s underwear. Soon, they’re banging. MICHAEL copulates Matt doggy position, pounding his tight and very cute butt until the one and the other of ’em are overtired and willing to go to sleep.

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