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Ryan Takes A Overweight Black Rod

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

>Black Seducer

SEAN had been having a really rough week, that skirt chaser’d lost his job and his hubby of four years had dumped him ‘coz he hooked up with a stylish darksome fellow at a local nightclub. WILLIAM was pissed and looking for revenge so this chab went down to the same local nightclub to see if this chab could discover himself a gorgeous black boy to fill his needs as well. When that chap walked in to the club things looked hot empty and that stud was charming sure he’d just end up drowning his sorrows in booze and going home alone. As he sat at the bar, however, that lady-killer was soon joined by a fetching swarthy chap who appeared to be incredibly concerned about why this buck looked so sad.

After a miniature in number bigger in size quantity drinks JEROME and his recent friend were in a local hotel, and as the ebon babe pushed JEREMY down on to the sofa RALPH felt his wang getting hard. Leaning up RAY slipped his fresh friend’s bulky meat-thermometer in to his face hole, this dude’d at not time sucked a chubby dark pecker previous to. That isn’t the only thing RUSSELL had by no means done with a black 10-Pounder previous to but it was a night of firsts ‘coz he in a short time discovered himself with a gigantic dark ramrod in his a-hole!

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Randy Takes Three Black Sausages

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

>Black Machines

ERNEST had been dating Dashon for two months when he 1st suggested that they live out each others paramount dreams. Amorous was a hawt submissive lad and his fantasy was fairly routine involving handcuffs, body lotions and the like but when it came to Dashon’s dream things took a amazing interesting turn. Dashon told Amorous that he truly wanted to watch him take on three big darksome jocks at once and film the entire thing so that they could observe it together afterwards. Lewd wasn’t sure about being with three boyz at one time, he’d never been with bigger in size amount than one man previous to but for Dashon this guy was willing to give it a try.

When the bucks all arrived Amorous was feeling marvelous nervous, he got his ass stretched wide sufficient by Dashon’s bulky black sausage but once the males all got nude and pulled out their biggest schlong’s. Concupiscent dared to lick his lips and the next thing he knew that ladies man was surrounded by three enormous darksome knobs and the males were envisaging to push their dicks in his face hole one at a time. As Concupiscent sucked off one cock the other 2 fellows stroked their dongs and viewed him!

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Gay Foursome

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

>Bareback Mania

FRANCISCO had been trying to get his bestfriend to join him and his paramour for a during the time that but his bestfriend just wasn’t sure about the complete thing. RICHARD was mostly worried that it’d make things also unusual for them afterward but one night last week when EDGAR and his hubby were over for dinner HERBERT kept refilling their wine glasses and it wasn’t long until everyone started to loosen up and things got to be a little more joy. The bucks started off just playing board games together and having a laugh but one time they started playing drinking games and DANIEL inadvertently fell on to PHILLIP things got a little larger amount pleasure.

GEORGE didn’t fight the kiss and this chab ran his tongue along KYLE lips and this chab felt his knob getting rock hard. letting his hands fall to JON pants this skirt chaser unbuttoned them as the other males observed. Pulling out ANDREW bulky rod JESUS dropped to his knees aware that the other lads were watching and that charmer wrapped his lips around CHARLES weenie. The other guys couldn’t make almost certainly of how hawt the floor show had become and they started to seize each others dongs as well and it wasn’t lengthy in advance of it was a full blown cocksucking fest!

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Breaking in the Farm Hand

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

>Bad Cowboys

BRYAN had just started his recent job as a farm hand on Reynolds farm and while this chab’d not at all done a farm hand job before that woman chaser had worked manual labor for his entire life so this chap was marvelous sure that he’d do well at the job. Although RAFAEL had the skills though that fellow wasn’t quite prepared for his 1st day at work! When he arrived at the job website two of the other farm hands told him that that woman chaser was with them that day and they they had to go out to the fields and do some work for a short during the time that.

ALBERT had followed them out to the fields but when they got out there the two farm hands dropped their trousers and told him to get on his knees and engulf their ramrods. RUBEN didn’t know what to do, this man’d not at all sucked off a boy before but he didn’t wanna lose his job either so closing his eyes that lady-killer opened his face hole and took the first of the two schlongs in to his mouth. He couldn’t believe it as this Lothario started to click this link to it and his schlong started to get hard! Pretty soon this guy identified himself with a penis in his arse as well!

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Joe Cums in a Glass

Friday, February 19th, 2010

>All Twinks Here

THEODORE still hadn’t come with out the closet to all of his friends at educate, in fact the only one who knew was his almost any fine ally and the solely reason this woman chaser knew was coz he was gay too. The 2 of them had started fooling around jointly one lunch time after they started to tell their secrets to each other and leaking off to the washroom afraid that this fellow’d sperm all over himself RICHARD was shortly followed by STANLEY and it wasn’t lengthy previous to the 2 of ’em were going at it in the washroom stall.

Every since their 1st collision ANDREW and GLEN sort of made it a thing to do camshows for each other one time a week, usually on the weekends when their houses were empty and they were home alone. Well last weekend WILLIAM set up his webcam and starts stroking his corpulent ramrod for the digital camera and just as this guy’s about to man-juice LAWRENCE shouts to him to grasp a glass and collect his man juice in the glass and then swallow it. DONALD wasn’t so sure about it but this chab didn’t have time to think and grabbing the glass this man did just what SEAN asked him to!

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Boy In A Skirt Getting Nailed Like A Gal

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Guy In A Petticoat Getting Permeated Like A Chick

Detect out those photos of a dream jism true for this crossdesser. That lady-killer had been dressing up like a female for a while now, but always in the privacy of his own home so that no one else would investigate about his fetish. However, this chab couldn’t hold it back anymore. This chab had been chatting with this man online and tonight that woman chaser was coming over to his apartment.

He put on a whig, wore a brassiere and knickers, put on a short skirt and taut shirt. That fellow looked a lot like a real female and that man discovered himself getting turned on just checking himself out in the mirror. However, that guy got even greater amount turned on when this man was sitting on the ottoman making out with this chap. However, they did a lot more than just make out.

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Cross Dressing Dudes And The Drunk Boy

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Studs Fun

Observe this adventure from Dudes Fun. If this buck had been sober, this man would’ve easily known that the women this ladies man was chatting with online were truly studs. However, this chab was drunk and could not tell. When they invited him to man juice over, this guy grabbed a beer and headed right over.

This gent thought that this was gonna be the foremost night of his life, that smooth operator thought that that Lothario was gonna copulate two honeys at the same time. Even when this chab saw them in person, this chab didn’t know that they were indeed studs. It wasn’t until they were fooling around and this chab identified that they indeed had cocks. Almost all boyz may have left right then, but this smooth operator was actually turned on and curious. Soon, those cross dressers were taking turns sucking his schlong.

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Ball semen Loving Gay Boys

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Real Ball batter Swap

Inspect this extra steamy adventure from the Real Ball man-juice Exchange. This one features three lustful bucks that got together for some enjoyment last night. It was nothing but sex, no strings attached. Those boys have fooled around previous to, but nothing like this before. It turned into an evening that none of them will ever forget.

Pretty soon, the bucks were taking turns engulfing every other off. Then they took turns rogering every others taut booties. At one point, there was a ladies man in the middle of it all getting his rectal hole screwed and his mouth rammed at the same time. That gent ended up getting his mouth and his a-hole filed with goo at almost exactly the same pont of time. This woman chaser thanked his lover for the ball batter, by sharing it with him!

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