Ian Gives head

May 21, 2010 – 1:06 pm

>Black Machines

Ian has always been the sort of boy who sees what this chab urges and then goes out and gets it regardless of what it is. When that Lothario met the newest hire at work and saw that he was a smokin’ hot chocolate petticoat chaser with a body this chab could merely dream of. Last Friday Ian was going out with some of the lads from work for a Friday night drink like he usually did and that buck thought it would be the perfect opportunity to need to know PATRICK, the fresh hire. Little did he know that ALAN was intend to invite two of his preeminent allies and the night was intend to take a hot potty turn.

After numerous drinks Ian started touching COREY greater quantity, putting his hand on his chest and lastly at the end of the night he asked NATHANIEL if that man wanted to drop by his apartment to investigate his DVD collection. LESLIE acquiesced to drop by with his allies but once they got back to Ian’s place TOMMY and his buddies weren’t interested in his DVD collection. Ian had not at all sucked a dark-skinned schlong previous to but when RODNEY whipped out his knob things started getting marvelous out of hand.

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