Jessie Colter And Fame

February 28, 2019 – 11:43 pm

Jessie Colter And Fame Jessie Colter And Fame
Jessie Colter And Fame @
Jessie Colter and his business partner, Fame, co-own a dance studio. They have been partners for years, and their studio is indeed successful. But that is not what today’s business collision is all about; instead, Jessie’s about to make a confession that is going to shock Fame. Jessie isn’t stealing from the company, nor is Jessie’s health bad. Jessie takes a deep breath and says, "I’ve wanted to suck your thick, black knob for a ages." This doesn’t surprise Fame, ‘cuz Jessie often has to hide his boners from Fame while they’re at work. Fame balks, at 1st, but Jessie’s head game is off the hook. And let us face it: Fame has been checking out Jessie’s bubble-butt for almost as lengthy as Jessie’s been checking out Fame’s over-sized package. Mouthing turns to banging, and once Fame has busted his cum all over Jessie’s chiseled chest and abs, he’ll likewise take control of the dance studio, likewise!
Jessie Colter And Fame Jessie Colter And Fame
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