May 10, 2013 – 3:21 pm

Johnathan Johnathan
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I couldn’t expect to sink my teeth into Johnathan. His taut little body is covered in tattoos, he’s ripped, and he’s an uncut hunk which I dig. That Lothario is used to fucking with other homo white studs but he’s now graduating to darksome lions. I knew I would must break him in easily since I could see fear in his eyes but that ladies man quickly transformed into a dark 10-Pounder pumper. One as well as the other of his hands barely overspread my pulsating darksome dong as this man spanked my weenie. I could see his muscles flexing as his hands went up and down and it wouldn’t be also lengthy previous to his hands were skillful to acquire a load of jism blasted onto my abdomen. I crave to fuck this white lad next time and I can solely hope my darksome yeardstick doesn’t tear his arse apart.

Johnathan Johnathan

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