Pierce Paris & Parker Payne

October 17, 2018 – 5:37 am

Pierce Paris & Parker Payne Pierce Paris & Parker Payne
Pierce Paris & Parker Payne @ BlacksOnBoys.com
What do u do when you’re a freaky, lewd bi-curious boi…and your girlfriend is with out town? Well, if you are Pierce Paris, u join a "hookup app", receive on your phone, and commence searching for a way to relieve your enormous balls. Go into Parker Payne. He’s a attractive black guy with a "bubble butt" that’s meant for well-hung white bois to pound. But Pierce, at the last minute, has reservations. This charmer is not "really gay", and maybe it is finest to keep fantasies just that — a dream! Parker has a different agenda. "Let me just suck your ramrod," Parker says. "Besides, if I just suck your shlong, it isn’t homosexual!" Pierce accepts Parker’s suggest, and he’s shocked at Parker’s oral-service skills. "You’re more good than my girlfriend at that!" Pierce comes to a conclusion "what the heck?!?" and goes for it. That man cant make almost certainly of how constricted Parker’s pleasing booty wraps around his engorged rod! Pierce rails Parker in all sorts of different ways previous to unloading his fascinating juice on Parker’s face. That makes Parker so hot, this Lothario jerks his captivating dark-skinned knob until it erupts, likewise! The only thing those two have to decide now is how to work their newfound relationship with out Pierce’s girlfriend discovering it!!
Pierce Paris & Parker Payne Pierce Paris & Parker Payne
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